Saturday, July 7, 2012

No sewing done yet!

Friday I was going to sew.  But a friend had to go to Tucson.  So of course, I went with her!  She got her stuff done and we went in search of a fabric/quilt shop.  Let me think... we had lunch at Whataburger and it was good... (chicken melt, looked icky but tasted wonderful!) 
Pictures, I have pictures!

We have to go through Benson on the way to Tucson, so this is what we see as we are dropping down into Benson from Texas Canyon and Dragoon. 

Bella Quiltworks.... and this one was open!

Inside of the store. 

 I got a purse pattern at the quilt store, I thought this one below was adorable!  We'll see how it goes.  My friend is going to make one too!  :)  Should you want one, you can find it here on Amazon.

The graveyard for the planes in Tucson.  All these decommissioned planes just fascinate me.  :) 

The mountains heading home!

This sign is left over from yesterday!  It was in Safford and that's farm country and I guess there are tractor crossings or beware of tractors crossing the highway!  It just made me smile!

And the glorious sunset last night.  Though the one tonight was even better!  We have some of the most incredible sunsets.  And I hear that the sunrises are pretty good too, but I do the best I can not to see those!  :)

Today I spent the day helping a friend unpack some stuff that she's going to sell at a yard sale. 

Went out for a coke with a friend after Mass tonight.  Our priest is on vacation and we have a visiting priest and he was very good, but it seemed so different without Father Manola there.

When I got home about 7, I fed the dogs and then went down to the neighbors house for burgers.  Was a nice way to end the evening.

The weather has been odd.  It was almost 70% humidity this morning and it was oppressive and just muggy and so icky out!  It got better as the day went on, it was 32% at 4:30 and  now it's about 65 degrees and 90% humidity.  It feels wonderful outside, but it's icky in the house.

We need rain, so hopefully we are going to get some, all this humidity and no rain...Grrrr!
I know people make fun of us here in Arizona talking about the high heats with the low humidity, but it's really true, I'd rather have it be 100 with 5-10% humidity than 85 degrees with 50% humidity!  Seriously!

Ok, I have a picture of tonight's sunset, but it's still in my camera and you are probably sunsetted out! I just love them!
Have a great Sunday, and tomorrow, come heck or high water, I AM SEWING!!!   
God Bless,   Anne

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