Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ahhhhhhh, another no sewing kind of day!!

Today I went North again, but not so far!  I went to Safford with a friend.  She had to run some paperwork up to the prison as her hubby works there.  So rode along with her. 
It's been a long time since I've been near a prison.  Back in Ohio I used to take greyhounds to the Chillicothe Correctional Institution for training.  And I would go back and pick them up and put other ones into the prison for training.  It was all very interesting.
So she dropped off her paper work and we went to Safford and Thatcher and wandered around a bit and then had lunch!  I do, of course, have some pictures for you.

The scenery driving up was just so pretty!  I believe that those mountains have a fire behind them and that's why the mountain is kind of fuzzy looking.

A few days ago, I could see the fires from my house at night, glowing so red in the night.  Kind of frightening. 

More mountains!

 Arriving at the prison.

The flags snapping and blowing in the wind.

A small grave yard, lots of flowers and stuff on the graves. Looks like it would be an interesting place to spend an hour or two looking around and reading grave stones. 

 In Thatcher there is an LDS Temple and this is the chapel on the premises.

This is the temple.  It's just beautiful. 

The picture above is the angel on top of the spire of the temple. It's the angel Moroni blowing a trumpet.  It's very pretty and impressive looking.  And I have no idea why the picture is laying on it's side... ?????

We went through town looking for the quilt shop and we found it!

And the sign said OPEN!  Yippeeee!!!

But alas, the door was locked and there was NOTHING on the inside.  Once again, I am not allowed to look and see beautiful fabric.  That's 2 for 2 down the tubes.  Hello, I just want to look, I promise I won't buy!  ARGH!!!

Ok, fine, no fabric to see, so we do the next best thing.  We go and eat!  We went to El Charro and it wasn't too bad.  I got a Stuffed Chili Relleno.  It was ok,  they didn't bread it and fry it, it was covered with egg and then cooked.  Loses something in the taste without the breading and frying.  But it was ok.  Not something I would ever order again. 

The atmosphere was good though.  And the service wasn't horrible. 

And they must be getting lots of rain, we saw lots of standing water there!

It was in the mid 90's up there. 
It was cooler here, about 88 when we got home.  Tonight was lovely outside.  It's cool with just a little breeze.  But the humidity is up a bit. 

Tomorrow I'm staying home!  I have got to sew or I'm going to go mad! 

Have a great Friday!  God Bless,   Anne

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