Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July.... albeit a little late!

I do hope everyone had a great 4th!

Yesterday I spent the day in a car on the road!  A friend and I went to Phoenix, well actually Mesa.  I haven't been to that area since 1976 ish.  Oh my has is grown!  Mesa is HUGE.   
It was a nice drive.  My friend had an appointment and so we left pretty early.
We stopped in Tucson so she could stop at a friends house.  It wasn't terribly hot, but it was muggy out!
We stopped at Swan and Broadway to run into the bank, and I realized that I'd been in that area before...

This is the Guitar Center where I bought my Guitar last summer. 

This is Casa de los ninos, and though I've never been there, some of the baby quilts I've made for the Mennonites have gone here in layettes for newborns.  :)

I love the palm trees!

More palm trees!

Interesting mountains on the way to Phoenix.  The ride between Tucson and Phoenix is pretty flat and pretty boring for the most part.  Nothing spectacular to see.  Just desert and more desert!

This is the CG in the side of the mountain at Casa Grande.  We made a pit stop here for my friend to see her sis and to make a potty stop!

And right at the southern outskirts of Phoenix and Mesa.  Ahhhhh, I've been here before.... well actually I have, but it was nothing but bare land 35 years ago in this spot I'm sure!

Mesa is HUGE now and there are good parts and not so good parts right next to each other. 

The Mormon Temple.  Looks like they are doing some work, there's scaffolding on the left side of the building. 

The visitors center for the Mormon temple. 
I've no first hand experience, but I hear that the Mormons have great records for genealogy and are quite helpful.  A friends Mother was from Mesa and did a lot of research on her family tree there.

They have some of the coolest walk overs!!

Walk over!

Walk over!
 After my friends appointment, we found a yummy Chinese Buffet to eat at.  I was stuffed!  And we noticed this sign.  Oh happy day, a FABRIC STORE..............

EXCEPT............  Notice at the bottom of the sign it says building for sale?  Well, Sally's was no more, empty building.... I was CRUSHED!

Another interesting church that we saw.  Not a clue what kind it is, but pretty building.

After we got done in Mesa, we went back to Casa Grande the long way (that the nice way for saying that we got a bit lost!) and had ice cream with my friends Sister.  It was good, and I think it was Cold stone?   Yummy. 
Then back to Tucson to friends house again. and finally we headed home.  We rain into huge rain, we could barely see the road!  Monsoons are so much fun!
Got home about 9:30ish and the dogs were glad to see me!  And it was raining again. 

It rained all night I think.  We do need the rain!
This morning I got my roof fixed and so bring on the rain!  Went to Benson to the grocery this morning and ate at the Horseshoe Cafe and it was great, had a taco salad. 
When I got home, my back yard looked like a swimming pool, so it must of poured while we were gone. 

And that was my Tuesday and my Wednesday.  Not a stitch sewn  And yet, I'm tired, and cannot wait to hit the bed!  Have a great night and sleep well, God Bless, Anne

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QuiltSwissy said...

how exciting! A road trip. Too bad Sally's was not open, you could have caught up with my pitiful total on the stash reduction.

My guess is that the unidentified church is a mosque. It has that classic look. They are beautiful. We went to a few in Egypt last year.