Monday, July 2, 2012

Another non-sewing kind of day...

It was HOT today.  I'm already tired of hot and it's only July 2nd.  And the humidity is pretty icky too, right now at this moment, the humidity is 75%.  YUCK!  It's only about 75 out, but that humidity is nasty.

I schlepped around town today.  Ran some errands, and a friend and I went to lunch at TJ's.  As with any small town, we do have a bar.  That's TJ's.  But this bar also had good food!  And the folks are nice and it was COOL inside of TJ's, so it was GOOD.  :)

Then I spent the afternoon being hot.  Some friends stopped by and was stood out in the heat (albeit, under a tree) and talked.  What is wrong with us?  *grin* 

Tonight I walked down the street to drop something off at a neighbor's, and the lightening show was pretty neat, in all four directions there was lightening.  Made me a little nervous walking home but there were no problems!

My DWR templates came today, and I'm not thrilled with them.  But I suppose I will use them... or maybe I should do the paper piecing?  Not sure.
I'm going to do the Single girl quilt first, and those templates are paper.    Time will tell I suppose.  But it's always disappointing when you order something and it's not quite what you expected.

Ok, time to hit the sheets.  Have a great tomorrow!  God Bless.  Anne

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