Sunday, July 8, 2012


I finally sewed!  I made collars and I worked on quilt stuff... not exactly sewn, but I'm getting there...

I didn't take pics of the harnesses and collars that I made that are being sent to customers.  But this beauty is going into my Etsy store.  It's a celtic tram in green and silver.  It's 2" wide and will fit a dogs neck 16" to 20".  
I will put it up shortly and at the latest by tomorrow!

This is the stuff for my ruffles purse pattern.  The flowered material looks brown, but it's more purple than it looks in this picture!

Scraps I've picked out for my Single Girl Quilt.

My printer isn't a copy machine and so I had to outline the templates by hand.  I will use a rotary cutter to cut these out. 

Template A and B in an envelope with the first pieces cut from those templates.  I'm going to do one block first and then go from there.  :)   But I was looking for envelopes and don't have many extra and saw these in my drawer and thought I can put the template and fabrics I've cut out in them and I'll be able to see what is inside!  :)   It works for me.  :)

And for Sue who said she wasn't tired of my sunset pictures.
This was the Stronghold last night, looked like someone was shining a flashlight from behind it!

And when I looked slightly to the north, this was what I saw!  Beautiful sunset for Saturday evening!

Ok, time to feed the dogs and then I think I'll work on cutting out some more pieces for my Single Girl quilt.

Have a great evening and God Bless,   Anne

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QuiltSwissy said...

That collar is a true work of art! So beautiful.

And I too love the sunset pictures. I have a lot of them from vacations all over the country.

You are brave starting so many projects all at once. I am too busy wading hip deep in my UFOs!