Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wish I could think of something clever to put here!

I'm tired and my brain is mush!  I've been sewing collars most of the day, well, since about noon anyhow. 
I don't have to go see my doggie friend, her "Mom" is back home now.  They stopped up to see me this morning and we sat and had a good chat while her pups sniffed and rooted through the rocks and dug around a bit! 

I put the center on my Dresden square:

It's wrinkled from being folded since last night.  But hey, I like it.
I decided that the flower center was WAY to hippiefied for my tastes!

I have made the circle for another one like this and think that maybe I can make 4 of them and that would make a baby quilt quite nicely.  :)   We'll see, it's a fun block to make and I like the way it looks!

I finished watching "Funny Girl" today, that's such a great movie, and a much better movie for Barbra than "A Star is Born" was.  Then I watched "Funny Lady" with Barbra Streisand and Omar Sharif and James Caan in it.  I'd never realized that there was a sequel to "Funny Girl" and I'm real glad that I got both movies in one pack cause I'd be unhappy if I had paid for "Funny Lady," it was not a great film at all, and I am pretty sure I'll never watch it again!

Ok, time to feed the dogs and let them out and then feed ME!  :)   Have a great evening, and God Bless, Anne

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QuiltSwissy said...

I agree, I like this center as well!