Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What day is it?

The last 2 weeks I have had more trouble figuring out what day it is!  Today felt like Monday to me, and I have no idea why!

Well, I made today into a quilting day! 
And remember what I said about templates the other day, how much I was getting tired of the HopScotch pieces and the fact that they were cut using a template... Well..............
The gals at the quilting group decided they wanted to learn to do a Dresden Plate Block.  Ok, guess what one uses to cut the pieces?  Yup, templates.  But, guess what I made today... a Dresden block that's probably going to be a wall hanging.  I always figured they'd be really hard to do.... piece of cake!

THE Template!

And to make the petals pointy, I had to sew and then turn them.  Easy and fun!

20 petals all sewn together.  Don't know what else to call these things other than petals.  

I have it pinned on a white background.  In retrospect, I might have picked blue or black or something other than white if I were doing it again, I'll have to see!

Then I took bright orange thread and sewed a little fancy stitch around the outside.   I'm considering doing that same stitch down the sides of all the petals.

Here's what it looks like from afar!

I fussy cut a center for it.  Very modern and kind of hippy looking!  hehehehehe. I haven't attached it yet, still might go with another solid color, yelow might be nice.  :)

So far, so good, it was a LOT of fun!  We'll see what I think when it's done.  It's going to be small, so I can even quilt it myself!  :)

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QuiltSwissy said...

Whoa!! I love it!! You done good, girlfriend!