Thursday, June 14, 2012

A quilting kind of Thursday...

I didn't start till late, got up late and didn't feel so hot.  But hey, had something to eat and then decided to make a pot of coffee.  I LOVE coffee.  I didn't start drinking coffee often until I was about 50.  Oh, I'd have the occasional cup at work and such, but never even had a coffee maker!  Anyhow, it's sooooo freaking hot here in the summers that I tend to drink Iced Tea in the summer, and occasionally iced coffee.  But today I wanted HOT steaming yummy coffee.  It was good and I guess that caffeine boost was just what I needed!
I did get a bit accomplished.  :)

These are the three circles of Dresden blocks I finished last night.  I was up late sewing!! 

I've mentioned that my attention span is not the best, so I tend to flit from project to project... it's just who I am!
These are the leaders and enders postage stamp blocks.  They need ironed!  There are a BUNCH of them, probably about 100. 

Postage Stamp blocks all ironed!  Much flatter.  Love that spray starch!

The, I FINISHED ALL OF MY blocks for the HopScotch.
Now I have to iron them and then square em up (or would that be triangle them up????) and sew rows of them and then sew the rows together!  Cannot wait until these bad boys are DONE!

Looking out my back door!  Well, not quilt , but this is to the north of me and behind me.  Isn't it beautiful?  This was last evening...

Little horse in the pasture behind me.  They are very skittish and won't come near me but I love watching them anyhow!

And this boy is just too handsome!

Yup, he saw me and turned and went the other way!

I've got some stuff to do, but am hoping to get those hopscotch things ironed tonight, and maybe get some of the postage stamp blocks squared up. 

Have a great evening and God Bless.    Anne

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