Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Not a steller week for quilting!

But that's ok too! 
I have chosen my next few quilts.  Not the fabric yet and that's ok, cause I'm really not ready to start cutting yet.  But I have found 3 quilts I want to make.  :)

1. Single Girl Quilt.  Yes, there are curves here.  I think it's about time I learned to sew curves.  :)

I'm going to refer to this:  Single Girl Quilt Along.   

I think maybe scrappy will be good.  :)

You can get this pattern here.

Next would be the Double Wedding Ring Quilt

 This one is done in Amish colors.  I probably wouldn't use these colors!  Think white with teals and oranges! 

This is one pattern.   You can get this book here.

I have some templates coming to me as well, that should help!

Even though I am not going to paper piece this quilt, I'm going to keep this handy for questions I might have!

One more I have my eye on.  :)   I'll have to buy the curved template for this quilt, but it's a really pretty quilt and very similar to the double wedding ring...
This one is called Urban 9 Patch.  It's very cool!  Again, curves!

Isn't this cool?  I love this lady's quilts.  But they all call for her special ruler.

You can see the tutorial here.

One of the blocks. 

Now, if I make a wall hanging size quilt for each of these 3 quilts, I should be comfortable with curved piecing when I'm done.

Perhaps I've lost my mind.  It's hot here, maybe it just melted!  :)


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QuiltSwissy said...

I like all your choices. Curves are easy peasy! You will do just fine!