Friday, June 29, 2012

It sure has been a week!

Today I had thought maybe I would get to quilt.  But alas, it didn't happen!  My friend needed someone to go with her to pick up a U-haul truck.  So I told her if she'd buy me lunch I'd go with her!  heheheheh I'm happy to help for food.  *grin*  We got going before noon and we stopped in Benson at the Horseshoe Cafe.  I had an avocado and bacon sandwich with pepper jack cheese.  And I have sweet potato fries.  It was YUMMY!  Hit the spot!
We had to drive to Tombstone to get the U-haul.  That's 93 miles from where we live.  Anyhow we got there and the truck was there and the trailer was there, so the nice gentleman hooked up the trailer and bingo, the lights on the trailer don't work...Oh great.  So it's about 2pm and it's 100 degrees at least outside.  And FINALLY at about 3:45 my friend and I go and get some water and ice cream!  It was hot.  Anyhow, they got it all fixed and ready to go about 4:30 pm.  And we drove home, she drove her truck and I followed her in her car.  I'm such a dummy, I couldn't even figure out how to turn on the radio, so I prayed my rosary all the way home and got through all 20 decades!  Finally about 8 miles from home it dawned on me what button to push to get the radio...I'm such a dummy!  I took some pictures to share with y'all.  :)

Driving into Benson, we noticed some smoke from the mountains.  We sure hope it isn't something that's going to cause a big fire.  Kind of scarey to see smoke in June or July around here before the monsoons, we are so dry!

Sign in Tombstone!  

The guys wokring on the truck before we went for water and ice cream!  
 Tombstone doesn't have police, they have marshals.  And here's the car. 

Another view. 

When we got back the guys were still working on the truck!

This is the truck and the little trailer.  The truck is almost brand new and only has 6000 miles on it!  The trailer not so new, with lots of dings and such on it. 

Outside of Tombstone

the mountains to the East driving away from Tombstone. 

The road driving into Tombstone

Border Patrol check point. I don't mind these at all the the border guys are always very friendly and polite and nice! 

We got home about 5:45.  The dogs were glad to see me and ate about 6. 
Me, I'm exhausted!  Being out in the sun for those couple of hours really wears me out.  The U-haul guys were very nice, and I know my friend appreciated all that they did to get her on her way.   And that's how my day went.  Hope you have a good one!  Sleep well, and God Bless.   Anne

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