Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lefty quilters...

Due on Wed, and it's Sunday!  hehehe

Fabric usage for 2012

Used this week:     3.25 yards
Used year to date:
  70.50 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased to date:   59.50 yards

Net used for 2012:  11 yards

Alrighty!  This is getting better.  I'm hoping not to buy any fabric from now until the end of the year, unless I absolutely have to have a bolt of black.  


As I was sewing today, I had a large piece of material that I was sewing on (more about this later!) and I, as a left handed seamstress, was putting my scissors on the table to the left of the machine, and they I set the seam ripper there.  And as I was sewing, the fabric that hung out to the left of my machine knocked all my sewing implements off the tableAnd this happens to me ever single time I sew almost.  And it's irritating.  :)

It's too late for me, just like when I learned to play guitar, I was taught the right handed way, to the best of my knowledge, there were no cheap left handed guitars when I was a kid (back in the dark ages when the dinosaurs walked and dirt was new.)  And now that I know how to play the guitar, it's too late for me to learn to play a left handed guitar. 
And if some smart someone came out with a left handed sewing machine, it would be way too late for me to switch, but what a blessing that might be for the youngsters who are learning to sew.  I'd sure love to see a prototype anyhow.  A couple of weeks ago at Monday quilting, one of the gals was showing one of the beginner quilters how to hold the fabric while sewing together long strips of it.. and I thought to myself, wow, that's cool, tried it and nope doesn't work for a lefty, but if the sewing machine was mirrored, it would be way cool to handle the fabric that way.  Oh well, just me and my left handed self being silly I suppose, but hey, if I were rich, I'd develop a left handed sewing machine.  :)

Ok, I'll be back later with some pictures! 


QuiltSwissy said...

I have never thought about left handed sewing people. My mother was left handed and she and the school forced me to be right handed. However she let my brother stay left handed.....go figure. I can do a lot of thing both handed. But I sew right handed.

Anonymous said...

Anne, I totally agree~I put my pins,ripper & scissors on the left of the machine and the same dang thing happens to me~EVERY time! I don't think I would have a clue how to use a lefty sewing machine. Learned to sew very young. It's amazing how many things are made for "righties" ,that makes life a tad annoying! But I'm a lefty and proud of it! SOUTHPAWSOOZ