Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Well, that's what my little FitBit says.  :)  Love that little thing, tells me how far I walk and how many calories I've burned etc. and so forth.  :)

This morning I started the day with a walk.  One of my neighbors saw a baby rattlesnake last night late.  Oh yay.   Baby rattlers are more dangerous than the adults... why you might ask?  Well, let me tell ya!  Seems that the little ones haven't yet learned how to control how much venom they inject when they bite, and they tend to inject MORE venom than an adult would.  Ok, so isn't that just hunky dunky wonderful?  :)  I've told most of my neighbors that if I see a rattler, I will shoot it.  If you hear me empty out a clip, it's probably into a snake!  I prefer using my guns for target practice, nothing like obliterating a target to make you feel good, but I will shoot a snake.  I don't like them.   Anyhow, Vanessa and I walked around looking for the baby snake, and didn't even see a snake trail.  Good thing.  :)

Then I fed the girls and let them out to potty and then I did something I haven't done for over 30 years..... I took my laundry to the laundromat and did laundry.  My washer is being bad, and I have someone to look at it, but we've both been really busy, so that's ok.  Anyhow, in just over an hour, two packed loads washed and dried and .....tada.....folded!   Not so bad, got quite a bit of a book read while waiting on my laundry to do it's thing!

Went to Mass at 4.  On the way home we stopped at  The Produce Wagon.  I just love this little place, it's seems so small, but they carry an amazing amount of food and a pretty good variety. 

I guess in it's former life, this building was a bar.  The Produce Wagon was originally started in 1998 by some wonderful Mennonites who also started Deli next door.  It's a God send for our tiny town!  And Delbert and Julie are WONDERFUL folks and a lot of fun too!

The Deli is now Taza's and it's not related to The Produce Wagon, but Taza's is GOOD FOOD!

After Mass, came home and fed the dogs, fed me and have been a lazy bum ever since! 
So I'm going to head to bed.  I have to sew tomorrow, have some harnesses and collars to make and I want to work on my Dresden Quilts.  :)   Have a great night, sleep well and God Bless.  Anne

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