Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Quilting Group....

I haven't been to the Monday Quilting Group in about 2 years.  But today I went, and I took my neighbor with me and we went to the quilting group.  Why did I go to the quilting group today after not going for 2 years?  Because I was helping the gals get their strips ready for the Jelly Roll 1600. 
It was fun.  There weren't a lot of us, but some of the quilters are pretty new and learned how to put the strips together like a binding.  And most of us finished getting our strips together and all rolled up.  Next Monday is the "race" for the JR1600 winner!  I enjoyed myself!

 See the gal in the white shirt?  It was so much fun to talk to her, turns out we were both born in the same hospital and raised in the same city! Now how cool is that?  We went down memory lane, I thought of places today that I haven't thought of for years!
Now what's the chance of something like this happening in a podunk tiny town like ours (approx. 3000 people) about 2500 miles away from that town where we were born?  It was a lot of fun!

Getting those strips ready and getting them sewn!

Women busy at work quilting!  It got so quiet at times, really neat, everyone was concentrating on their sewing.

This is Gail, she's my long arm quilter and the "leader" of the group!

Some of us ironed.  I don't iron if I don't have to!

These gals are good friends, they've been sewing together for a while!

I think most of the women we using batiks. 
I am using patriotic fabrics. And my friend is using prints.  But I think everyone else is using batiks.

Everyone sewing happily!

Yup, that seam looks great!  And I love the prints!

I'm going to put mine together this week.  I will be taking pictures of the "racing" going on next week! 
Oh, and I bought 2 jelly rolls from Gail, like I needed those!!  You know, that's about 5 yards of fabric.... ARGH!

Anyhow, it was a great way to spend part of a morning and part of an afternoon.   Have a great evening folks and God Bless.  Anne

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