Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Another busy day!

First thing, well, for ME the first thing... got my hair cut at 10:30.  LOVE to get my hair cut.  Sandy is good and I just really enjoy having my hair fiddled with.  :)

Then I went to see my neighbor and she was working away at her quilt from yesterday.

Then home.  I had lunch, well, breakfast and lunch combined... well, technically it was lunch, it was ice cream.  :) Butter Pecan Ice Cream.  YUMMY.  :)  I didn't used to like ice cream, but now I LOVE it.  :)  Ice cream is good, and it's good for me too, calcium you know, important stuff!

Then I thought I would turn on the machine and work on my quilt from yesterday.  Since I technically gave the class yesterday, I can't be in the race, so I figure I can go ahead and finish up my quilt top.  So I did.  :)
I'm not overly fond of patriotic quilts.  But I really like this one.  It's going to be a Mennonite quilt since the fabric was in their closet!!  :)

Good Grief, I can't even add pictures without publishing this thing.... hang one, pictures on the way!

Just a quick pic, it was laying on my livingroom floor.  

This is 40 strips.  Next one I think I'll make a tad bigger if I have enough strips or material.  :)

But I really like this one.  :) 

I quilted this the other day, it's a small wall hanging made from the centers and fabric of the greyhound quilt I just made.

After I made this square, I realized it was TOO green!  and I still think it's TOO green.  And the other wall hanging was ever so much cuter, but hey, this one beats nothing!  The center is one that I ever so briefly touched with an iron, not totally ruined, but couldn't be used in the quilt.  :)

I will NEVER EVER use any blocks like these greyhound blocks, they are WAY too delicate and fragile.

Then after sewing today I went to church and then came home, ate more ice cream and now I'm ready to let the dogs out one more time at 9 and then get myself and a good book to bed! 
Have a great day tomorrow, happy hump day!   God Bless,   Anne

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