Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Another quilting day! Yippeeee!

I made another quilt.  I used some strips that I bought at Walmart.  They are supposed to be 2.5" strips.  But alas, they were wider than 2.5", some were as big at 2.75" and one or two were almost 3" wide.  Ok, they were NOT expensive, so I won't complain about the fabric quality, but sheesh, couldn't they please be 2.5" as stated on the label??

Anyhow, I didn't read really well.  There were 24 in each package and I used two packages and then also added 2 strips of white.  Oh boy, it's a big one!!!  That's 50 strips, 10 more than called for.  But you know, I like it.  There are not a lot of different strips in the Walmart packs, and that's ok I guess.  :)  

Anyhow, here's some pictures of mine and my neighbors too....

This is the Walmart strips quilt. 

A better picture of it.  I love orange and teal/turquoise together, so that part makes me happy!

 This is a bad picture of my neighbors quilt.  It's really neat looking, I'll have to try hanging it up tomorrow and get a good picture of it.  :)

This is her dog Molly just standing under the quilt... silly girl!  I like Molly a lot, she's a great dog.  :)

And the obligatory picture of her other dog, Bear, she's a teensy tiny puppy and oh so cute.  But being around her continues to remind me why I do not was a puppy!!!  Those sharp little toofers and that over active puppy bladder!!!

And that pretty much ate up most of my day!  I was going to try to do some other quilty stuff, but it just didn't happen!

Oh, I was hungry last night before bed, and really needed a snack.  Looked and didn't see much snacky kind of foods.  So I'd bought a loaf of white bread (rarely eat bread since it's one of those nasty carb laden foods!) and so I made myself a peanut butter, mayo and sweet pickle sandwich.  Haven't  had one of those in many years! Sounds gross doesn't it?  I guess I was about 10 when a neighbor friend of mine named Lisa introduced me to a peanutbutter/pickle/mayo sandwich... and I've loved them ever since!  Just tasting it brought back a ton of memories from all those many years ago!

Have a great tomorrow, and God Bless,  Anne

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