Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday already? Where did the week go?

My new printer arrived 24 hours after I ordered it!  I love Amazon Prime! 
I installed it without a problem.  It's very small.  And it prints really well.  There is no scanner, nor is there glass to copy, but I will be fine without all that.  I rarely scanned anything and I will just have to not make copies!  :)

I started a new quilt today.  It's another baby quilt (gosh, some of my friends kids better start having some babies soon!!) and it's a Dresden.  But it involves 4 different sized petals and there are over 100 petals on it!

The inner circle will be yellows

The next ring will be blues

The next ring will be greens

And the biggest ring will be purples.  :) 

All my petals stacked up.
I have a few extra in each color.
My sewing machine had a real issue with one of the blue batiks, and just would not sew it all all if I tried to start at the edge, I had to start at the center and sew out and then cut thread, turn it over and start at the center and sew out to the other side.  Odd, very very odd.  :)  I changed the needle and re-threaded the  machine and nothing helped at all.  Strange.

The 4 templates.  I seem to have begun to get used to sewing with templates!

And the pattern.  I got it off Etsy.  Yes, I often need and buy patterns.  Though I do have some fun occasionally making up my own!

Ok, that is what I have been up to today.  I got zip done on Wednesday and zip done yesterday quilting wise.  You know, some days are just like that.  Oh well such is life and that's how the cookie crumbles and so forth and yadda yadda! 

Have a great evening and a wonderful weekend!  It was 112 degrees here today, at 5pm it was 110 on my porch.  A tad hot!

Stay cool.  :)

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QuiltSwissy said...

Love the pattern!