Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's been a busy day!

Got up early again, and of course, not on purpose!
Went out for a bit last night.  Had a couple of beers with a friend and some onion rings.  I LOVE onion rings and don't often splurge on them!  But it was nice to get out, hear some music and listen to a few folks do some karaoke and snarf down some onion rings!  Didn't stay out late but it was nice!  I slept really well last night too.  :) 
Anyhow, got up early got to dogs fed and settled for the day.  Went out onto my deck to enjoy some of the 9 am (ish) time to myself to meditate.  Saw a friend and ended up visiting with her for a while.  Saw another friend and ended up chatting with him for a bit, then my friend brought me some week killer and I got out my push lawn mower (and I mean push, no motor on this, total 100% push mower!) and I spent about 40 minutes or so grinding that mower into those weeds.  By the time my face was beet red, it was about noon, and that means it's at least 95 degrees and time to go inside and drink water!  But I got a pretty good chunk of those weeds gone. 
After I showered, I began to iron petals for my latest Dresden.  Got all 100+ of them ironed and then figured out what order I want them in. 

 I am hoping to get them sewn tomorrow if I can squeeze them in.  :) 

I think my left arm is about to fall off, it's tired of picking up that iron!

I was hoping to get at least one circle of petals put together today, but I had to get ready for Mass and didn't have time. 
It was110 degrees on my deck when I left for Mass.  :)

When I got home from Mass, I fed the dogs, and grabbed the little push lawn mower and went outside to finish cutting down those weeds.  And I pretty much succeeded.  I was sweating so bad, the sweat was running into my eyes and burning like the dickens!  But it was DONE.  :)   Came back into the house cooled off and looked outside at the sunset....

Had to run out and take a picture of the sunset!  So after that, I grabbed the weed killer and sprayed a lot of the weeds all around the house.  But I'm sure I'll have to do more tomorrow and the next day. 
Isn't this picture wonderful?  I just love our sunsets here in Arizona. 

And a few minutes later, and a wider show.  So pretty.  Makes me feel so loved by God when I see such beauty. 

Ok, that's my day!  I'm about half dead, exhausted and worried about leg cramps tonight, so I've taken extra K and NA and CA.  (potassium, calcium and salt) to try to avoid the cramps, and I've drunk a gallon of H2O.  :) 

Have a great evening and a wonderful Sunday!  God Bless,   Anne

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QuiltSwissy said...

Sunset pics are beautiful! I have a panel I bought of the southwestern landscape and it has colors just like those!

No wonder your eyes are swollen on Tuesday!