Saturday, June 16, 2012

Doing the HAPPY dance!

This "#&*$&@*%" quilt is done! At least the top is finished.  I'm trying to decide if I HATE it or if I can tolerate it! 
I have not had this much trouble with a quilt in a long time.  I am honestly not happy with some of the "fudging" I had to do with it.  I eased and eased a lot on this quilt.  You'd have to pay me large sums of money to see the back of this quilt!  But it is FINISHED and I am HAPPY about that! 

I won't be doing another one any time soon, I actually considered it yesterday and I might do it in the future.  I really hate to let a quilt get the best of me, and this one did for sure!   It is pretty square, that left side is good, it just hangs funny in the picture for some reason!   I imagine that in the weeks to come that I won't loathe it so much, but at the moment, I don't like it.  :)

I have two Jelly Rolls that I want to do something with, I'm sure that there are other Jelly Roll friendly quilts out there!

 I love the colors of these jelly rolls (above) but have no clue what to do with them.  But I'll be looking for a pattern that's a bit easier than this last one!  :)

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