Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Busy day....

Got a late start, was kind of lazy this morning.  But I got only 2 Dresdens put together yesterday, one at quilting and one at home.  And since I wanted to make 4 blocks of that size, I had to draw around the petals I brought home with me to make a template. So I did that and made enough petals to make the 4 smaller Dresdens, and today I made 2 more.  And very quickly too.  What I forgot to do on Monday at quilting was to chain piece the petals.... it goes a WHOLE lot faster that way.  So I got the 4 circles ready, pinned them to fabric and basted them in place.  The the fun part of choosing what color of thread I'm going to fancy sew them  on with.  (what else do you call it, fancy stitches and straight or zig zag stiches???)  So I picked out a tealish blue for the one and purple for the other.  :)   Then I sewed the other 3 bigger ones onto fabric and fancy sewed those in place too.  I got a fair amount of sewing done today, as well as spend some time with a couple of friends. 
And here they are:  (the blocks, not the friends!)

A big one.  There is no center on it yet, I think I'm going to dig up some pink for this one.  

And I think green for this one for it's center .....

And I think yellow for this one.

This is the blueish one and it has teal going around it...  Not sure about the centers, I'll have to see what I have... and what looks ok.
These are two separate blocks, they kind of look like one, but they aren't. 

And these have purple thread, and I think a purple center would be good...  I'll have to see how it feels to me!

And I have a new pattern that I'm going to use for one of my jelly rolls, and hope to maybe get started on it by the weekend or the beginning of next week.  Want to finish the HopScotch wall hanging this week. 

Ok, I'm off to let the dogs out, finish up my dishes, do my rosary and hit the sack... Have a great evening! And God Bless and good night!  Anne

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