Monday, May 14, 2012

Whooooo Hoooooo....

I have accomplished a lot today and it makes me feel good!  :)

Here's the last Granny Square Quilt, pint sized, going to be a baby quilt I do believe! 

I took this outside, and you can see the shadow of my wind chimes on the quilt!  Oh well, I love the chimes too.

See, this one is only 4x4, so I think it would be a great baby quilt for a baby girl. 

Anyhow, I've cleared 3 things from my list today!  Yipee.  :)

Working on my list....   I am making some progress!  But it gets longer every time I look at it.  But you can see where there are numbers missing, that means I finished that one.  :)

3. Put 2 Granny square quilts together UPDATE: One is almost together. One done, one to go  *** going to do this right now!     DONE
4. border my Zig Zag quilt and finish it  (Going to do this tomrrow!)
8. Figure out what pattern to use for the fat quarter bundle of Summer Love
9. Put sashing on Stained Glass Quilt and put it together
10. Finish Hopscotch top
11. Start "My Precious" #1 Quilt.  Chopsticks.
12. Start "My Precious" #2
14. Get both Jelly Roll 1600 quilts to LA quilter to have them quilted.
15. Put together Patriotic Jelly Roll Quilt
16.  Bind Greyhound Quilt when it's done
17.  Put together instructions for Jelly Roll 1600 for quilting group to do.
18. Finish hand quilting baby girl quilt
19. Start hand quilting baby boy quilt
20. Start hand quilting baby girl quilt granny squares

About sewing machines.  I've been asked what makes my relationship with my Bernina sewing machine a LOVE/HATE one.  Well, I'm going to write a post about that soon!  Really.
But today, actually this morning my Bernina was making a funny sound when I was sewing with it.  I had just oiled it yesterday, so it shouldn't have been dry enough to be making funny sounds.  So I kept my ear on it and decided if it got worse, I would stop and turn it off and get out my Janome.  I got all kinds of sad at the thought of my Bernina being out of commission.  ACK!  I would have to go through that period of readjusting to a different machine, not sure that's something I am anxious to do!
So, the Bernina stopped making that sound, thank goodness.  It's stitch has been fine all day, and it's not been sewing crazy (as I KNOW it can do!) so for the moment it seems ok.  I KNOW it's time to get it in for a check up, it's been at least 2 years, probably 3 and it's been yelling at me for some time to get it a check up.  But the shop where I got it closed and the other one doesn't seem as knowledgeable and they scare me. And I don't know where another shop is that can service it... so if I keep  my head buried in the sand, it won't get sick right, I mean my Bernina...????

Gotta feed the dogs, Lulu was nursing a belly ache this morning and didn't eat breakfast, and she's absolutely starvalating tonight! 
God Bless.  Anne

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