Monday, May 14, 2012

The LIST....

 Working on my list....   I am making some progress!

2. Put 2 swoon quilts together  Finished that today!  Yipee!
3. Put 2 Granny square quilts together UPDATE: One is almost together. One done, one to go  *** going to do this right now!  
4. border my Zig Zag quilt and finish it 
5. Start Hopscotch  Yup, started on it!
8. Figure out what pattern to use for the fat quarter bundle of Summer Love
9. Put sashing on Stained Glass Quilt and put it together
10. Finish Hopscotch
11. Start "My Precious" #1 Quilt.  Chopsticks.
12. Start "My Precious" #2

New Goals (like I needed any more goals!)

13. Make one more Jelly Roll 1600 quilt to show a different technique. 
14. Get both Jelly Roll 1600 quilts to LA quilter to have them quilted.

MORE New Goals....

15. Put together Patriotic Jelly Roll Quilt
16.  Bind Greyhound Quilt when it's done
17.  Put together instructions for Jelly Roll 1600 for quilting group to do.

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