Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What day is today????

I don't like long weekends anymore because I get confused on the Tuesday of that week, it feels like Monday to me!

I had a great weekend, and was VERY VERY busy.  I didn't sew any quilty stuff!  I did sew some work stuff, and that went out in the mail today.   :)

I've been taking a class on learning to say the Divine Office, it's a groups of readings and prayers and psalms that can be done up to 7 times a day.  Many of your priests and nuns do all 7 of the offices, but me, I want to do two or three.  I have now learned to to Morning Prayers (not the office yet) and Evening Prayers and Night Prayers.  I have 4 volumes that we do this out of, so it can be quite confusing with the class and book and almost impossible to learn without it.  :)  It's all good, and God is good as well. 

My long arm quilter friend came and took my 35" tv back to her place.  I was THRILLED to get it OUT OF THE HOUSE!  I haven't watched it in years, did turn it on to get snow so I know it works, at least it gets snow.  But the wall behind where the TV was will hold my design wall, so now I can use that to work on placement of blocks!  I'm thrilled.  :)

So my long arm friend quilted one of my quilts in thanks and  appreciation for the TV. 

I haven't put the binding on it yet, it's just as it came back from Gail's. 
I really like it, it's so pretty.  She even provided the backing for me. 

I love the quilting.  It's not too intricate and not sloppy at all and just perfect for the quilt. 
I'm very happy with it.  I think this one shall be a gift.   :)

Now, to pick the binding!  I actually may do this one in white!

Ok, I need to accomplish something today, so, I'm going to go sew! 

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