Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Don't you just hate it when life gets in the way of quilting? 
We had the most wonderful weather over the weekend.  On Saturday it never hit 90 and even though it was breezy, it was wonderful! 
Yesterday I hung out with some neighbors and enjoyed their company for a few hours.  And yup, got a little bit of a sunburn going on my face!

Sug got some sun bathing in yesterday.  She seems to think her skin isn't black enough on her belly!  Silly girl.  She ran up on the deck when my friend got here!

Look at that blue sky!  What a gorgeous day it was, this is either Sat. or Sunday.  
For a place that really needs water, we've greened up pretty well so far this spring!  Hard to believe that when it's 95 degrees out, it's still spring and not summer!

Love the view to the north from my deck!

Today was a bout 95, and my air hasn't kicked on and now we are getting a breeze, so it feels pretty good!

Yesterday my washer decided not to work.  My go to handy man kind of guy is evidently out of town, so when he gets back I'll have to have him look at this monster.  Such is life hum?  Gotta take the good with the bad.

I was thinking the other night at about 3 am as I was visiting the little girls room for the second time that night, how HORRIBLE it must of been for folks before plumbing.  I mean, at my age to run outside to use the "out house" 2 or 3 times a night must of been horrible.  I guess this is why some folks kept chamber pots in the house to use, I'd have had one for sure!  What an outrageous thought though, funny where our minds take us in the wee hours of the night!

Went to town yesterday evening, ran in to the Dollar Store!  What, about 2 whole miles!  But I picked up a couple of things I needed and most importantly I grabbed a microwave pizza for dinner!  I just love Red Baron singles!  Years (MANY years) ago when the kids weren't but 7 and 10 ish, and we lived in Cincinnat, we had a Schwan truck that came by about once a week.  And they had the BEST deep dish pizza that you could cook in the microwave or in the toaster oven, they were sooooo good.  And when i found the Red Baron ones, I thought they were similar.

  Well this was a few years ago and I was looking on the box, and what did I find?  I found the wors Schwan's Consumer Brands, Inc.  These ARE those wonderful pizzas that I had years ago!  So if you've never tried the Red Baron Singles Deep Dish Pizzas, TRY THEM!  WONDERFUL!  I always get the supreme pizza.  Actually that's all the Dollar Store here carries!  But Walmart has the cheese and the sausage ones too I think.  Yummy.  Love em, and for me they are ready in like a minute and 25 seconds.  Gee I wish I'd bought enough for tonight too, I could eat these things ever day I think!  I ate one for dinner last night and one for breakfast this morning.  

I'm going to go and cut binding for this quilt Gail quilted, might even get it bound tonight! 

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QuiltSwissy said...

I have to get one of thse pizzas now, you are making me crave pizza. We see the Schwann truck in our neighborhood from time to time.

Hmmm.....now I am hungry.....