Sunday, May 6, 2012

Today is a mixed bag kind of day....

Gail, my longarm quilter, came and picked up the Greyhound quilt today and also another purple quilt that I had done.  She's probably going to get to them this week!  YIPEEEEE.  ;)

I've started on the postage stamp quilt.  I cut a bunch of 2" squares out and just couldn't help myself, I started sewing them together today!  I have 20 blocks done, and each block has 16 squares in it.  Chain piecing is awesome for something like this! 

People around here are dying like crazy.  One of the snowbirds, Joe, passed in the last week or so.  An older lady at church, Irene, passed of a massive stroke, and Lissa and George from church lost their son David this past week.  Too many gone too soon.  You know, that's the part of growing older I don't like, people die.  :(
Please keep these folks and their families in your prayers. 

Little Brooklyn, the Doberman Pup is back at the vet's for at least a night.  Coughing for long periods of time, and a fever and lack of appetite.  Poor pup is sure having a hard time of it.  Please keep him in your prayers.

Ok, it's almost 2pm here, and I haven't had breakfast yet!  I made sun tea yesterday and forgot to put it in the fridge last night, and danged if it wasn't spoiled by this morning... tea has a terrible taste when it's spoiled... had to throw the entire jar of tea out.  2 jars out brewing in the sun, and I made a small jar of tea for today! Gotta have my tea.  :) 
Will post pictures in a bit! 

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