Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sewed most of the day...

I cut out a bunch of 2" squares.  I am going to use them as leaders and enders and eventually end up with blocks for a quilt...
Well...  I'm pretty much an ADD person.  I have the attention span of a flea.  And that's why I sewed them all together today!  I have to keep 3 or 4 projects going so I can jump from one to the next to the next.  

So today, I chain pieced 22 blocks together, 16 squares per block.  And believe me, 22 blocks are not enough for a quilt.  Of course, I hope to do some creative sashing and borders.  All these were squares cut from the fabric I brought home on Wednesday from Mennonite quilting. 

Each block squared up at 6.5".
You know, I didn't used to square things up, that's something I learned about last year when I made the Celebration quilt. So now I square everything up.  If I square it up, it goes together slicker than snot on a door knob.  :) 

 So after making those blocks, I pulled out one of my 3 or 4 scrap boxes and I pulled fabrics to cut into 2" squares.
And I ironed 3/4's of it tonight.  Got hot and tired and quit, will finish in the morning and cut up some blocks.  :) 
You know, the thing I was scared of the most when I first stared quilting was cutting into that fabric, now it's one of the things I love most about quilting, I just love to cut that fabric up so I can sew it back together!  ;) 

And while I was digging in my scraps, I found some fabric that I have honestly never seen before!  Seriously, I have never made anything from the stuff I don't recognize.  Someone along the line must of given me scraps!  I found this teal and orange Dolphin Football Team fabric... never have I seen it before!  Teal and Orange are about my favorite colors in the whole world, and I used to collect dolphins, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE pro football.  I would remember buying this, and I didn't!  Now to put it to good use somewhere, somehow!

We get wild growing Mexican Bird of Paradise here, big bushes that just sprout up from nowhere!
I just love them!  You can see in this pic, that it's starting to open the flowers, the red is the first that you see..

 I took this last night as sunset.  They are bursting open, and soon that bush will be loaded with blossoms.

The blossoms are really neat, yellow flowers with the red stamens sticking out of them.  The bees and the humming birds love these!  We also get a lot of the large hummingbird moths at night too!

We have great sunsets here too!  This was Saturday nights sunset, not grand but very pretty.

I was disappointed in the moon last night, wasn't as big as I thought it should/would be!  It sure was bright out though.  Tonight when I was out on my deck praying my rosary about 8pm, the moon hadn't come out of hiding yet.  I was able to see the stars tonight, and I do so love the stars.   Our planet and our world and all that's around it was so wonderfully created and is so awesome.

Lulu is a chow hound, she loves lettuce and tomatoes and such, but today she surprised me by eating dill pickles and begging for more!  Sug turned her nose up at them, but Lulu said, "good, just means more for me!"  I'm eating popcorn at the moment, and they are begging for some.  I don't give them a lot but they get a bite or two.  I put my fake butter on the popcorn and then sprinkle taco seasoning over it, yummy!  So I have to find them a kernel that has no seasoning on it, they don't need to be eating taco seasoning with their IBD going on. 

Ok, that is pretty much it for today.  Please keep little Brooklyn in your prayers that his pneumonia heals up and that he gets to go home for good.  Poor little guy.  Anyhow, have a great week and God Bless, Anne

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