Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mama said there'd be days like this.....

And all in all, it's not horrible, but it's been aggravating at at times...
It started out EARLY, well, early for me anyhow, we were up and at em at 6am.  I prefer 8am, I really miss those 2 hours of sleep.  But when Sug is ready to get up, we get up.  :)

It's cool and nice outside, so, as I often do, I go out with the dogs and stand on my deck and look out at the pasture behind us.   And I see this....

Horses, lots of them, there are 4 in this picture.  I love to watch the horses.  We occasionally get cows back there too! 

Anyhow, the dogs come in and I am getting them fed, and it's all good.  Catching up on my email and planning out my day. 

A bit later on in the morning, I get a call from a customer who is going to move next week and desperately needs a harness for his greyhound for the move.  Yes, I will be most happy to make it today and get it out first thing in the morning.   I try to be nice like that.

So I go and make his harness.  And fix my lunch and watch a movie while sewing.  Finished Clara's Heart and got about half way through Corinna Corinna.  Both good movies.  And I'm taking my time and just having a good sewing day.  So I finish up things and decide I'll be even nicer (no, don't be sick, I'm not usually this nice!) and I'll run this harness to the post office and it will go out one day early.  I can just do a couple of errands and get it all done.   So I run to the post office, I get there at 2:40pm.  Our post office is open until 4:30.... USUALLY.... they closed at 2:30 to do computer updating.  GROWL..... I am not happy.  Actually I'm angry.  I rarely run to the post office, so there was no way I saw any "notes" up on the door about them closing early today.  Wasted trip, wasted gas money.  Growl. 

Ok, come home.  Get busy doing some other stuff.  A few minutes ago I went to let the dogs out and as I'm letting them back in I glance at my space where I quilt... ARGH!         And as I'm looking at this space, Sugar runs into that space like "don't touch it Mom, I worked so hard to get everything just right...."  I had to laugh, cause if I didn't laugh I was going to cry.  You see, Sugar is alllllll about comfort.  You KNOW where this is going right?  I have pictures! 

Here's Miss Sugar "protecting" her comfy bedding!

And to make sure I don't disturb her work of art, she lays down on it. 

Oh my.  At least she's clean, well for a dog she's clean! 

So before I can sew here in a bit, I have to clean up Sug's mess. 
She is such a little dickens.    I love her, I love her, I love her, yes, I do, I love her.  And I can't stop laughing when I look at her artsy fartsy bed!  At least she's a dog with good taste!


QuiltSwissy said...

Gotta love me!


QuiltSwissy said...

LOL!!!! The spellchecker changed 'em to me!