Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Field Trip....

Today was a day of lots of fun!  A friend of mine, who is also my long arm quilter, and I went to Benson.  We decided to do lunch, and when you drive to Benson, you always do more than just eat! 
We first stopped at the Quilt Shop, Cowgirl Up.  Unfortunately this shop is going out of business.  I really like Laura who owns the shop, and I am very sad that she's going out of business.  She will have an online presence for a while yet, so she's not totally gone.  But anyhow, every thing in her shop is 50% off.  So I did a little fabric buying....

Ok, so just a little over 1 yard of the top two, one yard of the third one and 2 yards each of the bottom two.  Love these colors, yummy!  

This is hard to see, it's a white on white and it's extra wide at 109" I think.  Anyhow, got 4 yards of this at half off.  :)

and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this little wall hanging.  I have seen it other places and loved it there.  So now I have to find a pattern for it. 

We left the quilt shop and went to the Horseshoe Cafe for lunch.  I have a burger melt and finally was able to try some sweet potato french fries.  YUMMY, it was all good, but the fries were OUTSTANDING!  Loved em!  The Horseshoe Cafe is a Mom and Pop kind of diner place, with lots of good food and friendly staff...

Nice folks

This was our waitress, she was very sweet!

The rest of the restaurant.  Nothing super special looking, but GREAT food!

We left the restaurant and went to a little place called Benson Quilt Museum.  And I didn't take a single picture there, shame on me.  But I think museum is kind of a misnomer for this place.. while it had a bunch of quilts on display, they were for sale and were made recently by local quilting artists.  There was also some jewelry for sale, some patterns and other little nick knack kinds of stuff.   They even had quilts in the bathrooms!  I'm sure I'll go again, next time I'll take pictures.  :)

From there we went on to Walmart.  I don't get to Walmart too often, and I always drop a load of cash there!  I bought some dog food, and some Chicken breasts on sale.  And of course, I had to head to the fabric department.  Did you know that Walmart carries pre cuts now?  I bought some "strips" to use for a Jelly Roll 1600 quilt.

24 strips for $10.00.  Not quilt shop quality I'm sure, but hey, sometimes this works just fine!  :)
That's 48 strips for less than $25.00.
I think it will make a pretty quilt!  :)

And then we came on back to Pearce, and we stopped at The Produce Wagon to pick up my 50 pound bag of rice for the dogs!  So the dogs are all set for food for quite a while, and with about 4 trays of chicken breasts, so am I!

I'm beat, but it's time to feed the dogs.  I have to finish the Greyhound quilt tomorrow.  Will be glad to get it done and off in the mail!  It's going to be cool though.  :)

Have a great evening and God Bless,   Anne

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QuiltSwissy said...

What do you do with the rice for dog food?

Love your bargains! I hate to lose quilt shops, you get so close to everything, the fabric, the people, the patterns in there. And its gone.