Saturday, May 19, 2012


Phone woke us up early today, but that's ok.  I wanted to get pictures of this quilt before the full sun hit my deck, and to do that, I have to do it in the morning.   So I did.  And here's the current Greyhound Quilt...

It is bright and cheerful!

And of course, there's Miss Lulu looking to make sure I'm not leaving and going anywhere.  She's stylish in her purple muzzle!

Up close

And even cloers upper....

And see that nose?  That's Sugar, she didn't want to be left out in the curiosity thing, she's just making sure I'm not leaving.  Silly dogs!

And that is the 2012 Greyhound Quilt.  :)

This was last years Greyhound Quilt.  And it was a wonderful quilt, but this year's quilt is MUCH brighter and MUCH more colorful!

Wonder if I'm going to be making another one next year?  I bet I will!!

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