Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ready for the post office...

The Greyhound quilt is done and boxed up.  I haven't sealed it yet, but it will go to the post office on Monday.  Yipee.  ;)

I made a wall hanging for the gal who bought all these squares and paid for everything.  I wanted her to have something for all her time and trouble and money.  :)  

I had a blast making it, love doing the quilting.
I hope she likes it.  There's a ring on the back for hanging.  

And I even wrapped it!  I haven't wrapped a gift in years.  Nope, not even wedding gifts, they go in a gift sack and I do not wrap! 

But anyhow, I hope she is pleased with the quilt and with her little gift.  :)  

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