Thursday, April 26, 2012

Windy day, but cool!

It's gorgeous outside!  The sun is mostly out and it's 80 degrees on my porch!  The wind is blowing like crazy!  I've already been outside once to pick up garbage that's blown into my yard, and I'm sure I'll do it again before it's dark tonight.  But wind is part of Arizona.  We should have massive windmills out here, even though it's not always windy, when it is, watch out!  :)

Last night I ordered ink for my printer.  I need more ink because I really want to print out some of my PDF files, and I can't print them all out or I might run out of ink, and I must have ink to print postage.  So I bought a bunch of ink, and it should arrive on Monday or Tuesday and then I'll get all my quilting printing done!

I did print out HopScotch.  And also the instructions for the stained glass quilt.  I went through my metallic fabrics one more time and picked out the fabric for the first one, and if all goes well, for the second and third one as well. 

And then I started cutting the first one, and got the first color all cut out.  :) Cutting this fabric is kind of like cutting fine silk, or tissue paper.  The very first thing I did was put a new blade in my rotary cutter, I do put that off way too long, even after getting those horrible cuts!  Shame on my I suppose. 

And today we cut dogs toenails, both dogs were snoozing and I got em while they were sleepy!  Actually neither Lulu or Sugar are really quirky about their nails.  You should have seen nail cutting day when I had 7 dogs, that was funny, and it would take me several hours.  I had to chase my Cali under tables and practically lay on her to get her to hold still, and that didn't stop her greyhound scream of death that went on for each nail!  I miss Lynch, he would be snoozing on his back, roaching as we call it....kind of like a dead cockroach position, and I'd trim all 4 of his feet and he'd never move!  Miss that boy.  I miss all my dogs that are gone, but I NEVER EVER EVER EVER want 7 dogs at one time again!  2 is my limit!  :)

I decided to go with these 11 colors (the second from left is actually 2 colors, so yes, there are 11)
for my first quilt.  I started with the yellow.  Yellow is cheerful!
 I'm going to do these for the second quilt.  :)
 And for the third quilt.

and Miss Lulu before nail cutting!

I labeled my pieces as I cut them, with block number and size. 

Love the way the light dances off these fabrics!

And I marked the page with a scrap of the fabric for fabric 1.  This way if I get confuddled or I lose a label, I'll know which color is which. 
I do this with Bargello quilts too, it can be very helpful if one gets confused.  :)

We got up really late this morning, I got a ton of sleep, and I'm NOT complaining, I'm rejoicing!  :)
Anyhow, I'm going to go and cut some more fabric for the stained glass quilt.  I have to decide if I'm going to use regular black between the pieces or try to find something a little lighter weight to use.  I only have a fat quarter of the black, so I don't have enough, and there is none for sale online that I can find.  :(   Should have bought more when I was buying!

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