Thursday, April 26, 2012

I've been busy!

I have five of the eleven fabrics cut for the Stained Glass quilt. I messed one of the colors up just a tad and ran short, but substituted a different color.  Think it'll make a difference?  I don't think so.  I'm willing to let it go and see what happens.   It's been interesting.  This fabric has metallic thread in it, quite a bit, and it's really doing a number on my rotary cutter blade.  This fabric is fairly sheer, so it feels easy to cut especially since I'm only cutting one layer at a time.  But after 5 colors, I notice that the blade is getting grooves in it and I can feel the difference in it already.
Whoops, didn't mean to publish that yet, come back in 5 for more and for pictures too!  

 See, the difference in the color that I ran out of and that nice bright pink?  Hey one of the squares will be just a tad different.  But since all the material is basically the 'same' I don't think it will be a big deal.  I can always redo that color if I get the urge though.

Sug was getting jealous since Lulu's pic has been in twice more than hers!

These are the colors I've cut!  Aren't they pretty?

It's actually chilly tonight!  I go out on the deck every evening that it's warm enough and pray my rosary.  The sky is SOOOO huge out here in Arizona and there are soooooo many stars in the sky, it's just so very inspiring and really seems to bring God closer.  I enjoy this a lot.  I have come to see several planes lights in the sky in the evening that appear to go the same way about the same time each evening.  Kind of interesting to watch!  I see and hear some military jets too since Fort Huachuca  is so close and Davis AFB in Tucson is close as well.  A few years ago there were two military jets (small ones) that were "playing" over our valley, it was fun to watch, kind of like our own private air show.  We see big transport planes coming and going as well.   Actually the Playa up by Willcox was used as a bombing practice range  many years ago and there is supposed to be a bit of unexploded ordnance up there, and that stuff is dangerous.  But anyhow, there has been a military presence here in this area for years, and lots of the folks who have retired here are ex-military. 
But anyhow, at 9pm when I was out on my deck, it was about 56 degrees out there, and compared to the recent nights, that's downright cold!  :)   I'm hoping to sleep tonight without the noisy fan on, and that is a good thing!  Have a good tomorrow and God Bless.   Anne

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