Friday, April 27, 2012

Another beautiful Arizona day!

It was about 40 degrees this morning on my porch when I let the dogs out about 7:30am.  I love it!  I love spring and fall weather and I hope we have a spring end of April and most of May! 

Working on my list....

1. put borders on the Greyhound Quilt  done!
2. Put 2 swoon quilts together
3. Put 2 Granny square quilts together
4. border my Zig Zag quilt and finish it
5. Start Hopscotch
6. Cut fabric for Stained Glass  In process, about half done.... will be done by end of today!
7. Figure out a good pattern for the "My Precious" QAL  Going to use the Chopsticks pattern for one of them.
8. Figure out what pattern to use for the fat quarter bundle of Summer Love

I'm also going to work on the Swoon blocks today I hope!  Maybe even the zig zag?  Time will tell, but I need to get busy FAST to get much accomplished! 

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