Sunday, April 1, 2012

A new week and a now month....

Happy April and no fooling! I didn't play a joke on anyone else and no one played an April Fools joke on me!  This is a good thing.  :)
I finished up a couple of orders today, a leash, a collar, made some tag bags and fun stuff like that!  Watched Lethal Weapon 2 while doing it. 
Before I started making collars,  back in the 90's, I bought some handmade Martingale Collars.  Some were great, some were ok and some were not so well made.  This particular collar was purchased 13 or 14 years ago, and while I loved the trim, I was not overly thrilled with the construction and never put it on my dogs, I wasn't sure if it was safe or not.  And back then I had young rambunctious dogs! So it's been in my sewing room ever since.   Well, today I dug it out and decided to remove the trim and try to use the trim on a new collar...  here's some pictures...

Here's the collar, I didn't take a full on pic of it, and I'm not sure why!!  But it's a blue and gold trim and it's almost 2", but not quilt.

Here's what the loop of the collar, where the "D" ring is and where it tightens if you pull on it, looks like.

This is part of why I never used it, it didn't look really secure to me.

And while I'm not one who wouldn't use a collar if it weren't lined (and honestly, I sometimes don't line my dogs collars because they don't have neck hair issues) but the lining is FAR away from the edges and sewn on with the blue thread.

Trims off, and here I put it next to pink webbing...  Y'all KNOW how much I LOVE color!

And here against purple webbing....

Since the trim isn't quilt 2", the webbing will show.

I chose the pink webbing.  I love the colors together.

I used the dark bluish teal that the collar is sitting on to line the collar, it looks very pretty!  I used pink thread to sew it in, again, the color thing with me, lots of contrast here!
I just love that blue and gold trim, stunning!

And here's my Sug in the collar!

Another pic of Sug on the deck!

These are her colors for sure!  

And Lulu in the collar, and um... these aren't her colors!


And one more of Lulu.  It doesn't look horrid on her, but her colors are NOT pink and aqua, or ocean blue!  She's more of a purple gal.  :)

So that's the newest collar.  Not sure if I'm going to sell it or maybe use it for Suggie.   Both dogs could use a new collar, but their old ones aren't tattered yet!

Then I was putzing around in my quilting part of the house.  I saw where someone was doing a monthly HST block this year and thought since I was making tons of HST's it might be fun to make some for traditional blocks.  So I started looking through fabric.  Have I ever mentioned that I have tons of stash?  I mean TONS!  And I rarely remember what I have, it's always like Christmas to start digging through  my tubs of fabric.   Some pictures to prove all of this!

Thought I'd use this mix of fabrics to make the HST blocks....   These are fat quarters and a couple that are probably 1/4 yards.

These are some I found, all quilt shop quality.  Each one at least 1 yard, some more. What to do with these fabrics...
 This is probably 4 yards of cute fabric.  Dragon flies aren't my favorite, but they aren't horrible either!

I remember buying this about 5 years ago.  I have about 10 fat quarters and then the purple on the bottom  is probably 2 yards.

Some of my SW fabrics

More fabrics, the blues are probably  1/2 yards, the others at least a yard of each.
 Fat quarters of SW fabric that I bought 4 or 5 years ago or more.

More of the SW fabric... At least 2 yards each

I think there's 10 fat quarters ehre of this, love it all, it's about 5 years old or so...

More SW fabrics.  Gee, you'd never know that I live in the SW would you?

Just a pile of fabric on top of my bins.

At least a  yard of each probably 2. 
 More SW fabrics...
 And even MORE SW fabrics....

I LOVE these fabrics and would love to make a quilt out of these 4.  I have a ton of each.

I need to find a quilt that is fairly easy and fairly fast and pretty so I can make some quilts and give some away and sell some maybe....  Give me some ideas here folks!  I am up to my neck in fabric!

These are bins full of fabric, and AFTER I took out the ones above that I took pictures of! 

Heck, I dearly need to organize my fabrics.  I have stuff I don't remember.  Sheesh!  I need to sew quilts!!!

Anyone want to take their vacation here this year and help me organize? 

Tonight I walked about 4.6 miles in 1 hour and about 3 minutes.  It's colder out tonight and I was chilly when I came in.  I may have a blister on my foot, not sure.  But I feel so good being in the fresh air and walking while the sun goes down.  I'll have to take my camera with me and show you what I get to see.  I have my mp player going with the ear buds in my ears, and I just move.   I was walking against 12-15 mph winds on 2 legs of my walk, I walk in a square, on dirt roads so when it's windy, I only have to deal with it 2 of the 4 sides.  :)  My goal is to walk 5 miles in 1 hour each day. 

Time to let the dogs out and then I'm ready to get some sleep. 
Have a great day tomorrow, and God Bless.   Anne

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