Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sewed harnesses and leashes today!  Finished watching Braveheart and it was just as good today as it was all those years ago when it was made!  Watched Lethal Weapon 1.  I'm on a Mel Gibson kick right now I guess! 

I have been working on a webpage that I'm doing for the folks who own the RV Park.  It's been a bear to get up, the hosting company is different from any hosting that I've used before, and I've been at quite a few different ones over the last 20 years!  So it took a few phone calls to tech support and a few head bangs and so forth!  But alas, I think it's up.  But I'm not quite done, but should be really soon.  :)

Then I spent about an hour doing a mock up of a block for the greyhound quilt, and sat doing the math for about an hour, trying different widths etc.  I confused myself and had to put that up!

Yesterday was Friday and I'm Catholic, so it's a no meat day.  I've been eating fish and tuna and boring stuff.  So I made some salmon loaf.  And man was it good and other than the salmon, it didn't have a ton of calories in it and the ones it had were good ones!  I used oatmeal instead of bread crumbs, cause I have oatmeal and no bread or bread crumbs or croutons! I put some mushrooms in it, fresh peppers, and fresh lemon and fresh ginger and hot mustard (the kind you keep in the fridge and put on burgers!) and onions and fresh garlic and pepper sauce and a couple of tiny teensy eggs, and some worcestershire sauce and mixed it up and baked it!  YUMMY! And so good for the body.  :)  I froze over half of it, so I'll have it for next week. 

I just got in from a 3.5 mile walk.  Took me about an hour, but I did stop to talk to someone for a bit, so I probably did 4mph.  I'd have finished the 4 miles, but it got dark, and around here with the temps in the 80's, we are starting to see rattle snakes come out, so I don't walk in the dark.  :)   I did see a little bunny rabbit in my front yard when I got home.  I love the bunnies and we had tons and then not so many and I'm thinking we'll see more this spring.  The coyotes catch em and really diminish the population and then move on and while they are not hunting here, the bunnies do a come back.  But it's a cycle and in a couple of years the coyotes will be using this are for hunting again.   
I haven't seen any jack rabbits yet this spring.  We get plenty of those usually, but their population was down this past year as well.
Couple of years ago I was riding my bike and I almost ran over a coyote at just about dusk... he scared the hell out of me and I scared the hell out of him, and we went in opposite directions VERY QUICKLY!  My heart was pounding though, I don't want to tango with a wild animal.  :)

Well, I was going to have a snack, but I'm out of fruit, so I will pass on the snake.  I have to get to the store tomorrow and get some fruit.  That's a nice mile or so walk to the store! 

Have a great Sunday and God Bless,   Anne

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