Friday, March 30, 2012

Sandra Spencer, my favorite artist!

 My very favorite artist is Sandra Spencer.  She's done all my dogs portraits except for one, and I'm not done yet I'm sure!  She's very talented and she loves COLOR!  Color is so good and you can probably tell from my quilts that I love color!
She paints all kinds of things... dogs, cats, bunnies, goats, horses, still life, her daughter and flowers and you name it and she can paint it.  What a wonderful gift she has.  When she paints a picture, it's reasonably priced.  It's all very good.  :) 
Anyhow, this month one of her bunny paintings has made it to the cover of The Journal of American Veterinary Association!  How COOL is that?  
Sandra, I am so proud of you and so LUCKY to have all my dogs painted by you.  You rock!!!  :)
And here are the paintings I've commissioned from her and I'm thrilled with each one!
 This is my Cali Lou.  She's been gone for a while.  She was my play police dog and ruled with an iron paw.  I miss her so much!

This was Lynch.  He had PRA and was blind from about age 2.  She painted his eyes as they were in his old age. This was my big boy, I miss him terribly. 
 This was my precious Phantom.  He was my very first greyhound and he was dang near perfect.  (except he love to eat my Coach purse straps!) He's been gone for a while, but she captured his face so wonderfully!

This is my Sugar.  And I actually didn't commission this picture, I sent her a bunch of pics to paint from and she did my Sug and I bought Sugar on Ebay!  Look at those eyes, those are my Sugar's eyes!
 Goofy, but this is my Magick's eyes.  He had such wonderful eyes!
 This is Magick, he was my standard poodle for almost 12 years.  He was an Arizona Cowboy dog who never got a fancy haircut after we moved out here!  I miss this boy so much!
 Way back about 5 or 6 years ago, Sandra was doing a lot of dogs with cups of coffee.  And while this isn't my Magick, I fell in love with this picture and bought it from Sandra off Ebay!

And this is my amazing picture of Lulu!  My goofy blue girl.  Great painting!
These all belong to my friend Sue Aptaker.  She lives back east, and though we've never met face to face, we are good friends.  She was lucky enough to have Sly's Music as a beloved pet.  Music was a liter mate of my Precious Phantom.  But when Sue saw my paintings done by Sandra, she commissioned Sandra to do her dogs.  Aren't they all wonderful???

So this is my favorite artist.  I love her work and how neat that she's on the cover of  The Journal of American Veterinary Association.  Very cool!

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