Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cold, it's COLD and I am freezing!

I thought we were past winter here in Arizona.  But alas, it was in the mid 30's last night, and I'm FREEZING!   I am so ready for summer to happen.  Give me that 90 degree weather, beats freezing!

Yesterday I worked on the greyhound quilt and I got the blocks all made.  It's pretty cool.  :)

There are 12 blocks in all.  I think they came out pretty good.  They are about 14" square.

Love that bright yellow!

I love this one too.
I'm going to sash in white, and then probably do a small border, we'll see how it looks when it's together.  Have the white sashing all cut and ready to go.  :)

The festival of half square triangles started yesterday!  And there is a pattern for a zig zag purse that I might attempt to make since it's really a tutorial . One of these days I AM GOING TO MAKE A PURSE!!!
Todays tute is a pillow made from hst, not crazy about pillows, but I think they might make a great way to try something new or some new technique.  I'll have to give it a shot.  Maybe instead of using something for a pillow I can just make it a mini quilt.  I haven't used throw pillows in many years, I found that my dogs would just steal them off a bed or couch and pretend that they were stuffies!

I walked last night, only got in a mile outside.  I was going against 35 MPH wind gusts and felt like I was walking in thick syrup!  I came inside and used my treadmill to put on another mile.  For some reason, it seems harder to walk a mile on the treadmill than it does outside, must be the view!  :)

I did cut up some squares to use for HST's.   Jen over at In Color Order is doing a monthly HST block QAL.
So I decided to make those blocks, they are traditional blocks, but that's not a bad thing!  So in a year, I'll have another quilt top to put together!  

These are some of the fabrics I'm going to use.  I think I'm adding a purple and at least one more!

And here's the latest batch of HST's I need to put together.  :)   Do I know how to have fun or what?  :)

And here's some pics of my sweet Sugar!  She sleeps in funny positions!

This is what I saw when I came out of the bathroom into my bedroom last night at bedtime!  A headless Sugar!
That's a bingo box bed with a bolster all the way around it. And it's got a quilt in it just in case that 2" foam and dog bed under it aren't cushy enough for her greyhound bones!

And here's where her head it!  How do they sleep with their heads hanging over the bolster and in that position?  

And this morning, here she is on the other side of the bed with her head hanging down to the dog bed that it all rests on!

Not sure exactly what I'm doing today.  I have a couple of collars to make.  Then I will probably work on the greyhound quilt and I have a couple of swoons that still need to be put together!  I think I have a days worth of work to do!

Have a great Tuesday!!  God Bless, Anne

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