Thursday, April 5, 2012


I sewed today, harnesses, not quilts.  :)  But I watched the movie War Horse.  I was supposed to go see it at the theater last year with a friend, but we had conflicting schedules, so we never got to go.  I don't go to movies by myself, it's about a 60 mile drive and I hate driving that far alone.  :)   But I digress.  I popped it into the DVD player and watched it whilst I was sewing.  It was good, but not fabulous in my opinion.  :)  The horse was beautiful, no doubt about it, all the horses were good looking animals. And the basic story line was good.  But in my opinion, the very best part of the movie was when the two soldiers rescued Joey in no mans land when he was wrapped in the barbed wire.  The English soldier and the German soldier working together for a common cause, to free the horse that they both felt compassion for.  Two good men, unfortunately on different sides of the war.  And when they flipped the coin for the horse, both prepared to abide by the flip.  To me, this was the BEST part of the movie.  Rivaled, of course, by the ending when the old man gives the horse back to Albert.  And of course, tears when Albert arrives home to his parents.  I'll have to watch it again, probably several more times before I truly have seen it all.  :) Something about needing to watch what I'm sewing as well as the movie.  :)  On a scale of 1-10, I'd probably give it a 7.

I've walked a little less today because of 2 reasons,  1.  it's REALLY windy outside, and  2.  My feet hurt!! 
I also have a treadmill in the house and can do that one in my tacky indoor shoes without it hurting so much.

Here's one of my views on the second leg of my square that I walk.  I am walking west when I see this.  That is what is called Cochise Stronghold.  It's got a really interesting history about Cochise.  Up in those mountains is where he and his people used to live.  It was almost impossible for their enemies to find them up there.  I've never hiked up there, but I hear it's beautiful once you get into the mountains!

That mountain range is called the Dragoon Mountains.  I love driving up there, and hope to hike extensively there sometime soon! 

Ok, I"m really tired, I'm off to bed!  Have a great day tomorrow!  God Bless,   Anne

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