Thursday, April 12, 2012

Good morning!

It's chilly this morning!  I left the windows open last night and it's barely 65 degrees in the house!

Yesterday was quilting with the Mennonites.  I just love those days.  Anyhow, first we worked on tying one of the quilts I made with the fabric I won.  It turned out really nice.  Then I helped one of the gals search for the perfect backing for the swoon quilt I gave them.  We found some really cute teal fabric and it was perfect!  She didn't get it put sandwiched, but she got the backing all ready for next quilting day.

They tied the striped quilt I gave them, it's so cute!  And I got a picture of that one...

They used yarn, lime green and bright yellow!  I love it.  

Here you can see a little bit of the church and a few of the women there.
I guess there are routinely about about 15 women there.  At lunch all their husbands come to eat, and the school children eat with us as well.  The food is ALWAYS FABULOUS and I always eat way too much of it. 
There were two little babies there today, so I got to hold them and love on them and KNOW how glad I am that I don't have little ones anymore!!

This is another one of my blocks for the "Half Square Triangle Block of the Month" blocks.  I had to remake this one as I had the corner HST's turned wrong in the first one I made.

I really love HST blocks! 

Today I get to quilt!  I will be putting the sashing on the Greyhound quilt first off I guess, or maybe I'll finish the block that's on the table first and then do the greyhound quilt.  But it's been a while since I turned on my Bernina (quilting machine) so I'm kind of excited!

Oh, the youth girls made bibs yesterday at quilting.  I got the pattern and I want to make some.  These bibs are for elderly folks in nursing homes who might have some troubles keeping their food on the forks or spoons.  They are really cute and don't have ties or Velcro or any kind of fastener on them, so they are comfy.
So I got a copy of the pattern and hope to make 10 or so of these by next quilting day.  The Mennonite nursing home is called Bethel Home and it's in Montezuma, Kansas.  I have no idea if they have others, but this is the one that I've heard so much about, in fact, several of the families here have relatives who live in the home, and several of the youth girls from here work there.  :)

Ok, time to get busy!  Hope YOU have a wonderful day!!

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