Thursday, April 12, 2012

Good Afternoon!!

I've been working on the greyhound quilt.. and here's the first finish....

Looks a little crooked, and dang it, I thought I hadn't put any of the same colors next to each other, and right there on the right is two purples one right on top of the other.  It just looks WRONG.  Fiddle sticks!

So, I took it down, and ripped out stitches and sewed it back together!  I also removed the 3 pins that were still in it when I hung it up the first time! 

And this is what I have now.  And I like it.

I have put a white border around, then maybe I'll take the prints and marbles and make a border with rectangles of those, print, solid, print, solid... I think that might look good...

But I think the quilt looks much better now that the two purples aren't enxt to each other.  :)

Have been talking to customers today!  You know, that's one of the things I love so much about this "Job" .... talking with other dog lovers and just plain delightful folks! 

Ok, got to get back to work! 

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