Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Beautiful Morning...

It is a gorgeous morning here in Arizona!  It's 75 degrees out and blue skies prevail!  Going to be hot this afternoon, but bearable I'm sure. 

I am going to work on my collar sewing and then work on some quilting stuff.

Here are some of the fabrics that I am going to be using this week (hopefully!)

 I've had this fabric for a long time.  I did use some of it, and have about half of it left.  The pieces on the left are yard cuts.  And the ones on the right are fat quarters.  I just love this stuff!  But it needs to be used. 

I've had this fabric for about 7 years, and I adore it.  I have used a couple of tiny pieces.  There are about 15 or 16 fat quarters and fat quarter sized pieces and then there is one pink piece that is probably a yard and then 2 pieces that are borders.  Should make something beautiful, not sure what yet.  :) 

I've had this for at least 5 years.  Bought it because it's southwestern fabric.  Had no plans for it when I purchased it.  I need to use it.  There are 9 fat quarters.  I picked out some blue, orange and beige to go with, but I'm not sure the orange works.  I was trying to lighten it up a bit since the FQ's are so dark and so intense.  Again, I have no idea what to make from this, but it will be a quilt or a wall hanging of some kind.  :)

So I'm hoping that this will be a very productive day!  Have a great Tuesday!    Anne

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