Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Another great morning... but different....

A great morning because for one of the maybe 10 days a year, I woke up to a cloudy day!  No sun.  Temp outside at noon was 92 on my porch.  Yet, it really feels wonderful and cool!

So, today is a quilting day.  I am trying hard to get this greyhound quilt ready to be quilted and then bound and then shipped to my friend Cheryl! 
I put on a 1.5" border and then made a colorful border that is 2.5" wide.  And then the binding will probably be either plain white or it will be white and the moda marbles alternating.   I do love variegated bindings!
It will be fun to see how it all looks before it's quilted and after it's quilted and bound!  :)

These are my piles of 6" print blocks and 5.5" marble blocks.  I sewed them all together and then will put it on the quilt. 

Here's all those blocks sewn together!  Quite a long strip of borders!

The blocks, waiting for me to sew them onto the quilt!
 I cut a strip of purple for the border, and looked at this piece of scrap as I was tossing it in the scrap box.  Look at that "saw tooth" cutting my rotary blade managed!  I think it's high time to change to a new blade!

I have many of my old worn out blades, I have a plastic container I put them into when I change them out.  I swear I am going to try one of those sharpeners that I have read about.  Anyone try one? What did you think? Do they work?  It sure could save me a lot of cash I do believe!  I swear, I could change that blade at least once a week most weeks and still be sawing by the end of the week!  :)

Ok, I was taking a lunch break, and now that I'm done eating I want to get these borders on that quilt so I can do something with some of the fabric I've pulled out of my stash!  I love this quilt, but it is work vs. play!  :)   Have a great afternoon!    Anne

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