Sunday, March 18, 2012

What a night....

The wind here was horrible last night and right up until almost noon today.  I don't know how fast it was gusting, but I was afraid that my house was going to take flight and that we'd land in Phoenix or Nevada somewhere!
It woke me up at 5:30 AM, and believe me, I don't like morning, and to me, 5:30 is the middle of the night! So after an hour of trying to get back to sleep, I went ahead and got up.  BLECH!  I like to never got Sugar to go out, she was hiding in my closet and refused to get up, I think she was afraid that the wind would get her and cart her off to New Mexico and she said she doesn't want to live in New Mexico!  Oy, what a morning.  Finally it's not blowing anymore, but now it's drizzling and getting greyer and colder and ickier outside.  It's supposed to be COLD tomorrow and I hate COLD.  We might even get a dusting of sn*w, and to me, sn*w is a dirty word.  The last couple of days have been wonderful, about 80+ degrees and nice  nice nice! Hopefully that nice weather will be back in a week. 
I've been sewing, putting together all those triangles that were cut off the blocks of the SWOON quilt blocks.  I have a TON of them, after all, I've made 27 blocks!  They are together and pressed open, now to square them up... this is the part I hate the worst, squaring them up. 
Ok, back to work.  Have a great day, hope you are having sunshine and gentle breezes with spring time warm weather!    God Bless, Anne

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