Monday, March 19, 2012

It's COLD and we got SN*W this morning!

It's in the low 30's here.  COLD.  I am soooo ready for 80 degree days!  Cold weather makes me tired.
I took some great pictures so I'll share them with you!!  :)

7AM this morning.  The snow is starting!  YIKES, we aren't overly fond of snow here, had enough of it back in Ohio years ago!
But I knew there was a chance of snow for today....
 The girls don't really mind it too much, and even if their fur coats aren't real thick, they are better than my coat, which contains no fur!
 You can't see them in the picture, but there are about 10 tennis balls in the yard.  Magick was the guy who LOVED to play with tennis balls.  So we refer to the balls in the yard as Magick Balls.  :)  

And you can see the pasture behind our house in the picture below.  It's REALLY snowing, HUGE snow flakes!  Nasty stuff that snow is!

This is my little wrought iron bench that sits in the front.  It actually looks kind of cute with sn*w on it!  ;) 

One of the gal who's blogs I follow has a contest going to see who can put together a group of fat quarters.  I love orange and teal/blue together, so I did mine in these colors.  I'm going to enter this, I really love these fabrics.  :)

Went to the store this morning. I have a pot of beans cooking and they are starting to smell REALLY good. 
The new owners of the RV park were here today. (they are actually the "old" owners...)  Just really enjoy these people, they are kind and good.  So nice  to know that the unpleasant folks are no longer here.  Yippeeee!!!
As you can see in the pictures above, Lulu is pretty much using that injured paw all the time now! (it was her left pay) She really frightened me, I'm so glad it seems that it was nothing terribly serious.  She still hobbles around on 3 legs occasionally, but not more than about 20% of the time.  :) Another Yippeee!!
Ok, that's it for now.  Have a happy Monday!  God Bless, Anne

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