Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What a day this has been....

What a rare mood I'm in... nope, no love happening here!!  But it's been a really REALLY productive day! 

I have sewn many collars today and I have some pics of a group of 3 I did for a gal.  They are so pretty, and I can't wait for pictures of her new hound in them.  :)  

 Aren't these pretty?  One of my customers got a new hound and she ordered her some new collars.  I just love each of these.  That Lilly of the Valley trim is so pretty and she got the last of it!  The green on the right is one of my favorites.  I have it in blue and white and red I think,  about 4 or 5 colors, it's so pretty!
And the brocade one on the lower left is so elegant, just gorgeous! 
 This blue one I made for my Etsy shop.  I have very little of this trim and it's no longer made, so it's a pretty special collar.  Just really nice!

 And this pink one is so cool.  What looks grey is actually metallic silver and it just shines and goes so well with the pink.  I'm having a hard time not putting this on my Sugar!!  It too is a trim I can no longer get and I have only enough for one more collar from it!

 And I got fabric today!  YIPEE.  I LOVE getting new fabric.  :)

 Isn't this stunning?  There are 9 of the moda marbles brights and then 14 or 15 of the print fat quarters! 

This is for the greyhound quilt. 

I'm going to put a 5" greyhound in the center, put a 1.25" or 1.5" of the moda marble around it and then around that I'll put 2.5" strips of the prints.  I just have to decide if I want to put one print per block or 2 or 3 or 4 prints per block!  And then I'll probably sash in white.  I love white sashing.  :)

This is the prototype block I put together.  The 2.5" strips are a group of fabrics that I'm going to make a bargello out of!  It was basically just to show what it would look like.  And sometimes you just need fabrics that go together, some times scrapy doesn't work. And this was one of those times.  :)

And I have made 2 more rows for my zig zag quilt.  They aren't attached yet, but will be soon....
Go over to Glens at Quilts And Dogs and check out the zig zag quilt she's making and the ones other folks have made.  I didn't know that there were so many ways to make a zig zag quilt!  Fun fun fun.  I love this, and I'm so grateful that Glen put a fire under me to join her QAL and turn my HSTs into a my Ziggity Zaggity quilt! 

And I went downtown (yeah right Anne, that's just a little burg!!) and to the post office! One of the fellows that works there is SKINNY compared to the last time I saw him... he's lost 65 or 70 pounds... on the HCG diet! 
The weather was so beautiful today.  About 81 degrees and blue sky and sunshine and it just felt so good.  At 9 when I let the dogs out, it was still 60 degrees out.  Spring has sprung!

And I walked 2 miles this evening.  Yup, got my hind end out there and walked, hopefully it will someday be a smaller caboose.  :) Again, the weather just begs for me to get outside and enjoy it!  I'm soooo ready for this warm weather!

I watched movies today while I worked on collars.... A Song From The Heart, very good movie, not fabulous, but nice feel good movie!  The Last King of Scotland... interesting and slightly disturbing at times, but a good movie, I need to watch it again.   And lastly I watched Over The Top with Sly Stallone in it, I've seen this before and it's just a really cute movie!

And there's a quilting thing I want to do!!!  (it's late and my mind is frying!)
It's called A Festival of Half Square Triangles!  I have made more of these boogers in the last 2 months than I ever thought I would make, and I love them!  So I thought that this sounded like something fun.  So I'm going to check it out, why don't you check it out too?!!!

And here's the page if you can't see the button....  Festival Of Half Square Triangles

And now I'm tired and ready for some shut eye!  I have been going since the moment I jumped out of bed.  :)
So y'all have a great night and God Bless,   Anne

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