Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Busy busy busy, sew sew sew......

Another very busy sewing day.  Love these.

Ok, I laid my zig zag quilt out on my bed this morning to try to decide 2 extra rows or 3 extra rows...

And yeah, I decided that the 3 rows would be good.  Give it a little more size, make it square, but it's not a big quilt and square is not a horrible thing!  :) 

While I was cropping the picture, I realized that I had put the unsewn strips on wrong.  And like a light went off, what a cool quilt that would be to make the ziggity zaggity go in rows of 2 and they've go towards each other... anyhow, see what I've circled, you get the idea!

So I put them on and hung the quilt from my deck to see what it looks like, out in the fresh air and sunshine!  

I like it, I like it a LOT!
 The dogs went out with me and Sug decided that some sun bathing was called for.  She LOVES to lay in the sun when it's warm enough.  Where her fur isn't, her skin gets black in the spring and summer and she has many freckles!  She's a smart girl, she comes in when she gets too warm. 

And Lulu is like "why is she laying in the dirt?" and she paces and waits to go into the house, no stinkin sunbathing for her!

It truly is a beautiful day today and this is how most of our days here are!

So I'm in the mood to sew.  So I grab 20 of my granny squares and put them together.

I like this a lot!

I love the bright colors of most of the blocks!

Later in the day now and the sun is in the west and the wind chimes are shadowing on the quilt!  Darn! 

Now, I have more to do, but don't know that I'll get very far or get any pictures taken or anything finished!  But I'm going to be a sewing most of the evening too.  I have 2 more Swoons that I need to put together and I need to get started on that Greyhound quilt!  So many projects, so little time!
Have a great evening and God Bless,   Anne

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