Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Almost forgot...

Used this week:     2.5 yards
Used year to date:   30.5. yards
Purchased this week:  6 yards
Purchased to date:   18 yards

Net used for 2012:    12.5 yards

The 6 yards I got in the mail the other day will be quickly used for the Greyhound Quilt.  :)
I'll use more white to sash it as well.
I didn't use any extra making the zig zag quilt except for the sashing and maybe 3" for a couple extra HSTs.  
And the only thing I used on the Granny Square quilt today was sashing.  And most of the Granny Squares were made form scraps.
Well, gee whiz, I need to get to using more fabric!

Today my darn Bernina kept un-threading itself.  That just aggravates me half to death.  So I decided to use some "leaders" and "enders" and see if that helped.  It did.   I don't use them because I want to keep the thread from balling up, I can hold onto my thread to stop that, but this dang unthreading is DRIVING ME NUTS!  As you may, or may not, know, I have a LOVE HATE relationship with my Bernina.  This is one of the things that makes me insane!  I don't use the thread cutter either because it unthreads the needle about half the time.  Grrrrrr...  And the "LOW BOBBIN" indicator will drive you to drink if you turn it on.  Seems like the lint that is caused by sewing gets in the way and you constantly get false thread low stoppage.  Yes, the machine beeps and then just stops sewing, and it's go stop go stop until you turn it off, even if you have a full bobbin in the case.  GRRRRR.....  :)

On the positive side of life, I walked 2 miles again tonight and it took me about 4 minutes less time!  So in a week or so I'll increase to 2.5 miles and see if my feet can take it!  It's so beautiful outside right now and it just calls to me when the sun gets low in the sky!   I sure do miss my Magic Dog, he was my partner for walking.  He was always so happy to go for a walk with me, we sure put some miles on together before he got old and before he went to the Bridge.  Gosh, I miss him and his black fuzzy face.  :)

Have a good one and God Bless,   Anne

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