Monday, March 26, 2012

Long day today, I sewed collars and leashes and harnesses most of the day.  I never got around to even turning my Bernina on or getting the iron fired up!  I got 5 collars together and sent them off to a greyhound group here in Arizona in Sierra Vista.  The president of the group ordered a collar for his new hound and so I packed to box full with collars for his group to raise money with.  That's a lot of fun to do, I'm blessed that I can send collars to help groups. 

Watched a couple of good movies... Dolly Parton in Blue Valley Songbird from 1999.  Not a bad little movie.  Nothing over the top wonderful, but very watchable and I LOVE to hear Dolly sing! 

Demolition Man ... and oldie and fun to watch.  And it has Sandra Bullock in it!  Will I watch it more than once a  year, probably not, but it's fun!  Sly is always good to watch.  :)

And lastly Tango and Cash.  A pretty good movie with two good actors in it!  Sly Stallone and Kurt Russel, both fun to watch.  I do enjoy the oldies, and it's been MANY years since I saw this. 

Spent a bit of time with the dogs outside today, they are so much fun to play with!  Wish one of them would chase the tennis balls, but alas my greyhounds are NOT retrievers.  

Tomorrow is another collar day, but I hope to get to do some quilting and get another row on my Zig Zag quilt.   I'm anxious to get the rows all done and then make up my mind about the borders and binding.  :)  Not sure if I'll quilt it myself or send it to the long arm quilter.  Time will tell for sure. 

Much to do before bed time.  Have a good evening and a great tomorrow.  God bless... Anne

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QuiltSwissy said...

I think I have decided on my borders today. Can't wait to see yours.