Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ziggin and Zaggin the day away!

How much fun have I had?  A TON!!!  I just love it when something comes together. 
Here's my Ziggity Zaggity quilt so far.  I have the blacks to put on yet.  And then I will
probably do another blue row as well.  That will give it 9 rows of ziggin and zaggin!  :)

I'm pretty happy with it! 
9 rows is really 18, and there are 20 rows across.  So it won't be square with 18x20.  A nice baby quilt size, or a lap quilt. 

Tickled pink with it so far. 
These are all 2.5" HST that I made with the pieces I cut off my flying geese for my Swoon quilt! Some folks threw these away.... ARGH!!!! 
I LOVE HST, all except for the squaring up of the darn things!  I've used 280 of the 432 HST's I made with the scraps!  So I have plenty more.  :)  I may have to kick in some other fabrics though to get enough of say the blue ones to make a row.  But we'll see.  I have tons of teal and can do another row of those if I want. 

Ok, I'm feeling pretty good about this quilt.  I have no idea what I'm going to do for a border.  Time will tell!  Maybe no border!

Ok, y'all have a wonderful evening, and I'm going to do laundry!  God Bless,   Anne

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QuiltSwissy said...

Oh, how perfect! Such sharp colors. Mine are more varied. I always like everyone elses better! LOL.

I just love this quilt!@