Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Keeping track of fabric usage and purchase for 2012.  :)

Used this week:      2.5 yards
Used year to date:   25.25 yards
Purchased this week:  12 yards
Purchased to date:   12 yards

Net used for 2012:  15.25 yards

Yesterday I worked on the quilt for Greyhound Fund Raising.  I have a mock up done and I think it's going to be pretty neat.  I have been sewing strips of fabric together randomly for that scrappy look!  I'll get a pic or two of the mock up and the strips I'm piecing and then cutting to make into blocks.  It's a new pattern for me, and it's a little time consuming at this point.
Of course, today I have a billion other things to do, so never even turned my machine on.  And that doesn't happen very often!  :)

So nothing earth shattering to report, got some house cleaning done and the dogs and I bonded a bit!  Lulu's still hobbling, especially outside, but she's beginning to put her paw down a little more each day and it appears that there is NO pain associated with her paw, and the swelling is going down rapidly.  She's REALLY getting around well on 3 legs, thank goodness I have a ramp into the yard, I think steps might give her a bit of trouble.  So hopefully she is healing well from her unknown injury.  :)

Alrighty, hope to have some pics tomorrow and a better quilting report for y'all!  Have a great evening, and God Bless.   Anne

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