Saturday, March 24, 2012

Gosh, it was such a busy week!

And I haven't quilted in 3 days and I'm getting antsy!  I am going to square up those HST's today and if needed make some more and SEW SEW SEW!!

 Actually, I've been sewing, lots of dog collars.  Lots of really pretty ones too.  And a few harnesses and some leashes and such!

Went to the big city of Willcox on Thursday and got some badly needed groceries.  Needed fish for Friday and some ChocoVine wine.   HAVE you ever had chocolate wine?  Not sure it sounds good?  BUT IT IS GOOD, very very good!  Even better with Bailey's in it! YUMMY!  It's actually red wine, opaque and muddy brown in color. 

Good stuff!

It comes in 3 flavors, I've never had the raspberry or the espresso ones, but hear that they are fabulous! 

OOHOHOHOH there's a 4th one now, ChocoVine Whipped Cream.  OH I must try this one too!!! 
Can one live on wine?  I don't even want to know how many calories are in each ounce, just don't want to know!!!

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